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Clinician Inspired Technology

The Intelect RPW 2 is a device that is both beneficial for the patient and easy to use for the clinician, providing a wealth of information to assist in treatment. The Clinical Protocol library provides an essential resource for the clinician, supplying visual anatomical and pathological reference guides as well as treatment guidelines to provide effective therapy to the patient.

Various Pathologies, One Device


The Intelect RPW 2 can be modulated to treat a wide range of pathologies due it’s array of pressure settings and 21 unique transmitter attachments. This all-encompassing device for shockwave therapy allows clinicians to invest in one device instead of several. Recommended guidelines suggest using Intelect RPW 2 to treat everything from pain and inflammation to tendinopathies, and myofascial trigger points.


Patient Centered Comfort

With the new Falcon Handpiece and additional treatment transmitters, the Intelect RPW 2 features a broader range of bar pressures to provide added comfort to the patient during treatment. Chattanooga’s proprietary “Comfort Mode” in

RPW2 Shockwave

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