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Therapy Electrode, Adult 100 Pack

NEMS therapy is a great way to rehab the throat muscles and VitalStim Electrodes are made with quality materials to ensure the most effective use. The electrodes provide excellent adhesion and gentle removal. The electrodes are reliable, conductive, and have no internal electrode separation. VitalStim Therapy kits are designed to help treat dysphagia by using external electrical stimulation to re-educate the throat muscles needed for swallowing. This neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NEMS) device is safe and effective for rehabilitating the swallowing motions and muscle functions. The unique construction of the VitalStim Electrodes allows them to safely transmit the high current load and density of the VitalStim therapy device. It conforms to the neck for a perfect fit and the device itself is portable.


  • Neuromuscular electrical stimulation device is safe and effective for rehabilitating swallowing motions and muscle functions
  • Features preset or customized programs and easy-to-read data to measure patient outcomes and quantify progress
  • For quick application, the non-invasive electrodes are designed to stretch and conform to the shape of the neck
  • Safe and effective treatment for patients suffering with difficulty swallowing or dysphagia

VitalStim Electrodes Adult, 100 Pack 59044

SKU: 59044
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